Tuesday, April 21, 2009

"City / Country"

“Life’s Pecking Order” by Katie Barton & 
"Big Smoke" by James Seymour 
Exhibition Opening: Friday 15 May 6.30  pm 
Exhibition Dates: 15 May - 17 June 

Both surprising and challenging, the works  of two contemporary artists at Jayes Gallery provide an insight to the modern mind. 

The works are as different to each other as work can be; the bright and cheerful pastiches of Katie Barton bouncing off the dark and sombre works of new artist, James Seymour."Big Smoke" by James Seymour.

"Issa Chooks" by Katie Barton

The small collection of works contained within James "Big Smoke" Series are strong and commanding of our full attention. This young man has a big future ahead of him in the arts as these thought provoking images contain all the elements that are required for success. They bring you to a halt, demand that you reflect on them and draw you into their smoky images of contained raw energy. James says of his series "In essence, this body of work is a document of the shift between town and city life. I have lived in the country town of Bathurst my whole life up until moving to the city this year, I found the change both challenging and invigorating. My works can be seen as snapshots of the city and the encounters I have had within it.  Alternatively, they can be viewed as metaphorical landscapes which describe the space between the city and my hometown."

"Big Smoke" Series by James Seymour

The second collection of works "Life's Pecking Order", and exhibited in the Main Gallery are from well known Central West artist, Katie Barton. Her works have been shown in solo shows successfully throughout the region especially in Mudgee and Wellington. Katie has been awarded for her highly original works and statements on country life. 

Katie says of her upcoming exhibition "This is not an exhibition just about chooks but chooks symbolize beautifully the natural order of how humans and animals interact with each other. We all have our place in society and more particularly, with our friends, families and communities – sometimes we accept our position and sometimes we reject and fight it or it just changes as life does. Our Isa Brown chooks fascinate me – the way they assert themselves with the dogs and each other. They have survived a few massacres where other breeds haven’t and newcomers always have to earn their place in the pen before they’re accepted. All the working dogs have their ranking by age, strength and personality. Our Maltese Terrier is the smallest of the clan but the bossiest and seems to ignore all the rules. This exhibition is a small representation of the “pecking order” in my immediate environment at home and general observations of this theme, conveyed in mixed media works on paper and acrylic paintings on canvas."

Jayes Gallery is a major destination and gallery that features regular solo exhibitions by regional artists of note. You can peruse the current exhibition in our main gallery, or take a stroll in the sculpture garden. Join us for a wood fired pizza or dine in fine manner in the restaurant. There is also a smalls gallery for new and upcoming artists and a gift shop. 

Take an afternoon and relax, enjoy, indulge at Jayes Gallery & Cafe, Gidley Street in Molong (follow the Brown Signs)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

"The Way We See It!" - Eris Fleming & Greg Hyde

Well a right pair of larrikins have been very successful in their latest show of humorous works at the Jayes Gallery. A lovely crowd turned up on the night with over 50 attending the opening of this uplifting exhibition.

In these economic times, it's getting harder to sell art or so they say! Not so this week with many red dots appearing on the bright and cheerful works. Seems most people still want to laugh and these wonderful cryptic views on life in the outback are just the thing to bring a smile.

The show will close on Sunday 12 May so get on your togs and get on out here!