Thursday, December 15, 2011

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year

To all our patrons, collectors, art and food lovers, 
Jayes Gallery, Sculpture Gardens & Cafe 
wish you all 
a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

During 2011, the management and staff at Jayes were pleased to see that all our customers continued to support the gallery, artists and sculptors with good attendances at most of the opening nights! A musical special event featuring Josephine Jagger-Manners, Michael Caulfield & Ray Vanderby provided a highlight of the Autumn calendar, the Third Dimension - annual sculpture event is still on and solo shows with many of our regular stable and new artists were a feature each month.

It's been a year of changes with Grant Smith, our Chef leaving the cafe to start a new career and the cafe has a new menu now featuring the recipes of the region's finest chefs. We look forward to seeing you in the New Year as we have a wonderful calendar of solo shows, sculptors and ceramicists already booked for 2012. It is promising to be an incredible year for Jayes.

In a time when many collectors are abandoning the city galleries, Jayes continues to provide a superb alternative as most of our stable of artists are also represented in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra galleries and we continue to complement these with exciting new and emerging artists. What you save on commissions by buying in the 'bush', you can spend on having a restful weekend in rural Oz at one of our fabulous BnB's along with visits to the region 's many wineries.

Cabonne Country is a vast region of some 6,021 square kms with some of NSW's finest wineries, excellent cafes, several National Parks and goldfields to explore. The Villages of Cabonne Country have several golf courses, shady parks and public swimming pools for you to enjoy as you drive through this beautiful landscape.

The Villages of Cabonne Country are known for their welcoming smiles: they are Canowindra, Cargo, Cudal, Cumnock, Eugowra, Manildra, Molong & Yeoval. Each has it's own individual character and there are many hamlets to explore as well. For a 'real village experience', you can't beat Cabonne Country.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Collectible and affordable underway well in time for Christmas!

This year, Jayes Gallery has devoted Gallery 1 to the new artists collective from the region, Colour City Creatives. These artists have joined together to create working artisan studios, an innovative initiative in the old Barracks once used by State Rail in Orange City.

The artists themselves however come from far and wide with Millthorpe, Molong and Stuart Town artists included in the group. This is an exciting venture and so far has produced some remarkable results and we are proud to have been able to secure these works for this year's "Collectible & Affordable" show.

Open from now till 18 December, so make your way out to Molong, just 20 minutes west of Orange to see this memorable exhibition displaying some of the region's finer artists.

Bright works by Joy Engelman with sculpture from Tim Gratton

Tim Winters

Jola Nejman

Phil Salmon

Lynn Winters

Aileen Francis

Dan Anderson

Lotti Riley

Aida Pottinger

Steve Gosch with sculpture by Tim Gratton

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

“Reflections on memory” by Kerry Nichols

This exhibition presents strong emotional works that have an inherent dark quality about them whilst at the same time, being quite adventurous with deep colours, free, lush brush strokes. They bring out questions in the viewers’ minds as the artist has poured her deepest memories into the works. A commanding performance from artist, Kerry Nichols on her previous life in Mexico.

The artist has said of her works: “Our joyous times are so often overshadowed by tragedy. Some learn to cope – others don’t, others learn to live with happiness and tragedy side by side.” 

Having lived in Mexico for almost half my life, I am constantly drawn to its colour, its whimsicalness, its gaiety and tragedy.  I believe this is my subconscious inspiration.

As I paint in the tranquillity of Molong, my brush takes me on a journey through my past;  a time of kidnapping and intimidation, a time of colour and laughter, a time of extreme joy and unbearable sadness. 

Half the time I don’t know what I’m going to paint…my brush and paints dictate and I enjoy the journey.”

The THIRD Dimension on show till 20 December!

In Gallery 2 and the Sculpture Gardens, we have the works of well known regional sculptors and 3D craftsmen. Some wonderful pieces available!
"Morning" by Marjo Carter

Two substantial ceramics by Simon Reece

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fine Day for Opening of Sculpture Show!

Despite the prediction of a cold day, the opening of Jayes Annual Sculpture Show, the THIRD Dimension was pleasant and fine. Art lovers were introduced to Moody's Wines with Tony Moody sharing his fine wines on the day, Alan Sisley, Regional Gallery Director from Orange capably opened the show likening the sculptures to 'frozen music', an analogy that gave us all something to think about while looking at the 3D works on show.

Art lovers and collectors were delighted with performances from budding young musicians from Molong Public School. The gallery is becoming quite the cultural heart of the area with many different art forms being encouraged throughout the year.

With an ongoing calendar of monthly solo shows, music events and the annual scultpure show, you can keep abreast of the gallery's latest offerings by subscribing to our monthly newsletter. The gallery is open Wednesday through to Sunday each week, from 10 - 4. We look forward to seeing you in Molong! It's always warmer here in the west.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Feminine Aspect in Art for September (Spring!)

Quite often we come across art that seduces the viewers. This will be the experience when the next exhibition goes on display at Jayes Gallery in Molong in Spring.

We are pleased to be able to bring to you, two beautiful exhibitions by two very feminine and complementary artists. The Yin (feminine force) of life is expressed very clearly in the works of both of these regional and rurally based artists as they express the landscapes they live in. Both respond to the forces of creation and seek to express the numinous in their works. Working in acrylics and oils lusciously applied to canvas, the sensuality of life itself can be found by scrutinizing the generous brush strokes of these two women.

Aida’s work emerges out of the landscape in a subconscious recognition of how the earth gives birth, nurtures, sustains and eventually reclaims the life on it. 

She says of her work “I work in a variety of mediums including oils acrylics and ink and while working with a particular location in mind I am not bound by an exact recreation – I prefer to let intuition and the medium dictate what happens on the surface, exploring images which arrest the eye and are arrived at spontaneously. 

Working from life and landscape as a jumping off point. I like to push the source material to capture an atmosphere or mood - visually echoing memories and emotions. This work is inspired by the elements of weather seen at dawn.”

The ever-changing landscape of Lucy’s immediate environment and the movement of life itself forms inspiration for her artworks. These pieces have are containments of the motion of life’s forces and each can be used as a mantra, a meditation of energy and creation.

"Everywhere I turn there are endless opportunities to create a moment of stillness from the energy and beauty of life."

The exhibition opens Sunday 11 September at 2 pm at Jayes Gallery in Molong, just a short 20 minute drive west of Orange in Central NSW. We invite you to join us on the day and meet with the artists.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Trekking to Molong for Art & Sculpture!

A happy and enthusiastic crowd made the way to Molong on the weekend to attend the opening of "Top End Trekking" and "In the Shadows of Canobolas" - two excellent artists with two different views of the Australian landscape. Denis's works are evocative of Mt Canobolas region with it's lush fields and verdant rolling hills while Joy is inspired by the outback colours of red and blue and wide open deserts.

The afternoon is always a pleasant way to spend a day, the artists share their ideas and talents with friends and art lovers, and Molong is just a short distance from Orange and other regional towns and villages. This is a formula for success!

Jayes Gallery has an annual calendar of monthly solo shows and a major sculpture exhibition each Spring. Keep coming back to this website for details.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hot/Cool, Desert/Mountains, Mixed Media/Oils, Joy/Denis

The next exhibition at Jayes features two artists from Orange - Denis Bradley & Joy Engelman! These two landscape inspired artists couldn't be more different!

Denis focuses on the 'cool' in nature with his broad masculine strokes in oil on board. His palette consists of the deep greens and blues found in the abundant bush land of the Canobolas area. Brought up on a farm in the Orange region, Denis's artistic soul is imbued with the verdant greens of Spring, the golds of Summer wheat fields and the lush growth of gum forests.

Joy Engelman however, is inspired these days by a different hue . Her mixed media works on paper and canvas are created from multiple layers of reds, golds and oranges. She usually takes an aerial view of the landscapes that she loves but often sits down to take a more formal approach as well. 

This next exhibition has been the result of a recent journey north to Broome and out to the Bungle Bungles in Western Australia. She laughingly calls it a 'bivouac with a view' as she recounts her daily struggles with putting her shoes on legs that 'are 150 cms too long for my arms' and her nightly grapples with a swag that was seemingly attempting to strangle her!

These are bright and beautiful works though that capture the colours of the desert and WA landscape as she finds a new palette of colours to describe that land.

Jayes invites you to join at the opening on Sunday 14 August at 2 pm to meet the artists and view their new works.

Or just take some time out and come to the gallery 10 am - 4 pm daily Wed - Sunday each week.

Exhibition closes 4 September.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Michael Carroll's "Rurally Yours!" - bush snippets

Jayes is pleased to bring you Michael Carroll's collection of small inspired works on a bush theme.... there's line drawings of farm animals, little paintings, small works and much much more .... all executed with the unerring eye that we have come to associate with Michael.

The show opens on Saturday 2 July from 2 - 4 pm with Michael in attendance to answer your questions and generally talk about art. This is a celebration of life in the country with affordable works, all of which are individual pieces.

Jayes Director, Libby Oldham has been on the lookout for fresh new textures and inspiring works, so for an excellent afternoon of leisure and pleasure combined, why not join us at the gallery! 

Look for some of these delightful things while you're here ......


It may be snowing or raining outside, but it's always warmer in Molong, so come and refresh your soul today!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Don't miss this intriguing show! "ALCHEMY" runs to 5 June!

Fresh Artists from Fresh Arts Inc
There's nothing quite as electric as standing in a room full of artists and the opening of  of "Alchemy" didn't let us down! A room full of smiles and laughter, made the day more than worthwhile.

The variety of ideas behind the works lead you to ponder just how many ways there are of 'seeing' a particular subject. Each artist has provided a statement with the works and these are indeed well worth taking the time to read to gain an insight into the mind of each artist as they have tackled this mysterious subject.

The show will be up until 5 June, so if you haven't been to the gallery here in Molong, then take some time to drive out today!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fresh and Exciting! Art & Alchemy that pushes the edges!

We're getting rather excited here at Jayes. We're holding our breath in anticipation of seeing art that's promises to be quite different!

Fresh Arts Inc is a group of innovative artists from the Central West who like to push boundaries and explore new media! They like to take raw talent and turn it into GOLD! So hold onto your hats, this promises to be one of those shows that everyone will talk about for a long time to come!

Exhibition: Alchemy
Dates: 8 May - 5 June 2011
Opening: Sunday 15 May at 2 pm

Image by Gainsford

More on our Press pages!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Either 'at home' or 'on the way', Jayes brings you 3 inspiring artists to ponder in April!

Jayes Gallery & Sculpture Gardens is delighted to be able to bring you three artists with works that will inspire you this Autumn.

Title: “On the Road of Home”

Exhibition Dates: 10 April – 1 May 2011

Opening: Sunday 10 April at 2 pm

Nicole Parkins
Autumn is on it’s way and while the countryside gets painted in asounding colours right before our eyes, Jayes Gallery is pleased to be showing the works of Nicole Parkins, a newcomer t this region. For Nicole’s first solo show with us, she has painted a selection of small and delightful works inspired by her journeys in Tuscany. Nicole tells us that this regional reminds her of Tuscany with its rolling hills, vineyards, orchards and woodlands dotting the landscape.

Her works are colourful and joyful and we invite you to join us on Sunday 10 April at 2 pm for the opening of Nicole’s show.

Nicole says of her work “First stop on my first venture out of Australia was in the beautiful medieval village of Montecastello, Umbria, Italy. Many of the works on paper in this exhibition were completed while doing a residency in this little town on top of a hill surrounded by classic Italian countryside.  The town itself was gorgeous; rustic charm hugged every doorway, corner, or stone paved lane way.  From the 360 view around the town, white roads and rivers meandered through the countryside, which I frequently ventured out into on walks, gathering images in my mind to take home.  Later, on my return to my studio in Australia, I completed further studies and painted the canvas series.  My works are reflections on the many moods of myself, the changing landscape and the stories that it can create and tell.”

Marjo Carter

We are delighted to bring you a small selection of smoke fired pottery from well known potter, Marjo Carter. Marjo’s works are highly sought after and once again, she has excelled in the works in this collection.

Josephine Jagger-Manners
In Gallery 2, Josephine's new exhibition "At Home" is aptly titled for whether inside or outside the home, Josephine's colourful and feminine works demonstrate the beauty of the 'everyday'. "At home" provides her with a continuing theme for her bright and decorative paintings, images that will continue to delight you for years to come with their cheerful outlook and clean, clears colours.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Elephant wowed the crowd!

The opening of James Seymour's latest exhibition "Elephant tied to a stick" was well attended by friends and family as well as local art lovers. It was a balmy afternoon in Molong and everyone enjoyed themselves as they considered the artworks and talked to the artist.

The gallery has also been thrilled with the number of people that have made their way during the first week of the show to see James' new works. 

Recent months have seen a slowing of the art market however, Jayes is still proud to say that their sales are still happening albeit a little slower than last year this time but still good.

It is young and emerging artists such as James that appear to be holding steady during the first part of 2011. Jayes Gallery is proud to be able to bring this artist to Molong and the Central West for art lovers. Being a Bathurst artist currently studying at National Art School, James is just a t the beginning of a long and promising career. He is still affordable but watch this space, that isn't going to last for long!

During the coming months, Jayes Gallery will be bringing you other regional new and emerging artists that the gallery has selected as having promising careers ahead of them so why not mark your calendar now and join us as we celebrate with our artists in Sunday afternoon openings monthly!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"Elephant tied to a stick"

Jayes Gallery is proud to present new works from an exciting and young emerging artist, James Seymour. James is a Bathurst artist who is currently studying Fine Arts at the National Art School in Darlinghurst, Sydney. James works primarily in the fields of printmaking and painting. “Elephant tied to a Stick” is his third solo exhibition, following “Cross Your Fingers” in 2010 and “Big Smoke” in 2009.

“Elephant tied to a stick” is a series of works exploring the ideas of conditioning on societal and personal levels, the restrictions we impose on ourselves (consciously or unconsciously) either to fulfil a social profile, or out of habitual fear, preventing us from reaching our full potential.

The title of this series of works “Elephant tied to a Stick” refers to a story of a circus elephant, raised in captivity with one of its legs tethered to a small stick in the ground. When the elephant was a baby the stick was strong enough to stop him from escaping, it held him there his whole life.

By the time he came of age it was obvious to anyone that the massive animal could easily pull it from the ground, but he never did. The trainers said it was because when the elephant was young he learned that the restraint was immovable, though he grew strong and old, the idea of the stick remained.

We invite you to join us and meet with the artist in Gallery 1 to learn more about James and his work on Sunday afternoon, 13th March 2011 at 2 pm. This will be an afternoon to enjoy!

"The Living Landscape" by Georgia Mansur draws o a close on 6 March so don't miss out! This has proven to be a most popular show with many people coming through the gallery to take a look at it! Georgia is a strong artist with a broad range of styles and a wide palette of colours . She draws on her skills to create large dramatic landscapes from regional Australia. 

L to R: Mayor Dowling, Libby Oldham, Director and Artist, Georgia Mansur

Mayor for Cabonne Country, Bob Dowling opened Georgia's show on Sunday 13 February describing his personal favourite from the show along with paying tribute to the cultural contribution that Jayes Gallery makes to the Molong community. 

Libby Oldham, the Director was recently included along with several Sydney galleries and Regional galleries in a Speed Dating Event for regional artists to explore opportunities to exhibit and advance their career as artists.