Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Winter has come with all it's chills and thrills!

The air is chilly and clear, invigorating to say the least so here at Jayes Gallery & Sculpture Gardens, there are changes afoot as winter settles us all down into our bunkers.

Jayes is excited to announce that the galleries are expanding! Yes expanding! Not only are we able to offer our artists and art lovers the usual treats in Galleries 1 & 2, but we are taking over the cottage next door (formerly the cafe) and turning it into Gallery 3!

While other galleries are closing their doors and giving in to the winter blues, Jayes Gallery can only see a bright future on the horizon for the arts! Recent sales at Sotheby's has seen the highest auction prices ever for individual and well known artworks; the investment market has gone through the roof overseas as people see the arts as a safe place to put their money....

Indeed in May, Sotheby's had a record sale price for Edvard Munch's work "The Scream" and made a new world record - and this was followed with record prices from auction houses around the globe.

The recent trend of buying prints and decorator art for walls has now turned as people have started to realise that their money is hard earned and needs to work for them and not be wasted. So there is a positive return to buying 'real' art by recognised artists leaving us at Jayes feeling like it's time to grow into the future instead of dragging around in the past!

In July, we kick off our post-winter blues with a bright and cheerful, modern view of the world with "New Works" from celebrated Catherine Hale! see more


Alongside Catherine's wonderful works, we will be showing the ceramics from 4 recognised and distinguished ceramicists: Marjo Carter, Valerie Stuart, Margaret Ling and Pauline Welfare. see more

Gallery re-opens after winter break on 3 July at 10 am!

Indeed, we feel that the run up to the year's end will be filled with a lot of excellent art for you to come and see, choose that highly individual and exciting piece for your Spring makeover and just add to your collection.

We look forward to seeing you soon at Jayes Gallery & Sculpture Garden!