Monday, June 22, 2009

Gallery takes out an award!

Jayes Gallery won a prestigious award at the Cabonne Country Daroo Business Awards last Friday night! Libby Oldham, Gallery Director, was speechless at winning the award after entering for the last 10 years! So it was appropriate that she walked to podium and then jsut couldn't find the words that she needed to describe her delight.

Husband, Hugh Oldham has been etching the glass plate awards for the last 10 years and has plenty of rejects on the studio floor, but now both of them are pleased to be able to display one in their own premises.

Well done! Jayes Gallery is a definite bright spot in rural NSW and something we, the staff, are very proud of!

Hope to see you in the gallery soon and why not pop in for coffee and a light lunch in the cafe/restaurant with Grant Chef!

Posted by Joy (curator)

Substratum opens to a throng of art lovers!

Well! After a hectic week, Substratum and Inferno opened to around 50 to 60 art lovers on Saturday night! Alan Sisley, Director of the Orange Regional Gallery gave a warm speech praising Michal Carroll's works inspired by recent journeys to the volcanic regions of Chile.

Everyone was warm in the gallery even though it was a chilly evening in Molong. But it was an enthusiastic and eager crowd that took in the evening's celebrations. Inferno glassware by internationally renowned artist, Keith Rowe glowed throughout the night providing a very suitable foil for Michael's grey works of the Maoi and earthy rocky landscapes.

Inferno glassworks glowing in the afternoon sun! It would be wonderful to have these on a glass shelf in a winter's window. They would brighten and warm any room.....fabulous!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


"devolution" - Michael's expressive works on subterranean forces

A recent journey by well-known and respected Molong artist, Michael Carroll, to the Andes and South America has resulted in a collection of powerful and intriguing works. These depict his journey where he reconnected with the primal forces of nature. These works can be described as atmospheric and volcanic. The intense moods of the region’s volcanic substratum are reflected in emotive abstract works. 

It is through these works that the artist explores the primeval connection of humanity and the soul in a raw and active landscape – the Andes continue to thrust upwards and soon (in earth’s time) will be higher than the Himalayas. 

Michael has held many one man shows over his extensive career and has a wide range of capabilities. He has recently been drawn to giclee reproductions of his larger works now making these more affordable.

"Inferno" - a series of spectacular glassworks referencing volcanic lava

Making an impact along with Michael’s works are the strong glassworks of Keith Rowe, a well-known glassblower with an international reputation. 

Keith Rowe is first a glassblower who also enjoys working with kiln casting and sand. His long and extensive career spanning over 25 years ensures the works are always beautifully finished and highly collectible. He has a very individual style that is reflected in the number of awards this artist has won over the years. 

Jayes Gallery is thrilled to be able to bring Keith’s glass to Molong. The selection of hand blown glass in brilliant reds and oranges glow like the volcanic forces alluded to in Michael’s work. As such, they provide an excellent foil to the strong greys of the paintings.

We invite you to join us for this wonderful show 
opening on Saturday 20 June at 6.30 pm. 
All welcome. 

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