Monday, June 22, 2009

Substratum opens to a throng of art lovers!

Well! After a hectic week, Substratum and Inferno opened to around 50 to 60 art lovers on Saturday night! Alan Sisley, Director of the Orange Regional Gallery gave a warm speech praising Michal Carroll's works inspired by recent journeys to the volcanic regions of Chile.

Everyone was warm in the gallery even though it was a chilly evening in Molong. But it was an enthusiastic and eager crowd that took in the evening's celebrations. Inferno glassware by internationally renowned artist, Keith Rowe glowed throughout the night providing a very suitable foil for Michael's grey works of the Maoi and earthy rocky landscapes.

Inferno glassworks glowing in the afternoon sun! It would be wonderful to have these on a glass shelf in a winter's window. They would brighten and warm any room.....fabulous!

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