Friday, October 23, 2015


Two wonderful exhibitions by artists Meg Allan and Jocelyn Moles opened on 18th October to a large crowd.

The weather was perfect and set the scene for a great opening.

In Meg's words

"As the heart skips, thumps, races and soars we are aware that there is an quiet imminence apparent within our own existence. With each palpitation, we consider our mortality. Collecting stories, objects, people and knowledge to help us understand who we are, what we mean and where we are going.

I like to think of my pieces as conversations surrounding this search. Investigations into our transient existence, juxtaposed with the realization of an eternal afterlife.

The works talk of an ongoing evolution, both externally and internally  for me, as an Artist and as a person. I am inspired by colour, form, atmosphere and ideas. I am interested in layering the work with meaning and in turn, creating stories.

In 'Matters of the Heart; Poetry for the Palpitations' I have used a variety of different mediums.
As per the Purist manifesto, 'The method must be sure enough not to hinder the conception', I find myself gravitating towards heavily detailed work. I feel that the more control I have over the medium, the better the concept will be executed and therefore understood."

Meg at the gallery helping with the hanging of the exhibition.

Jocelyn's wonderfully detailed works in mixed media collage are a great addition to the gallery and opened in conjunction with Meg's "Matters of the Heart".  Both exhibitions run until 22nd November.

"Butterfly Girl" by Jocelyn Moles

Jocelyn works as a mixed medium artist, incorporating collage, paint, pen and photography into her work.

She likes the opportunities that mix media allows you to explore in a body of work.
She seems to be drawn to creating small works. 

In this latest exhibition she explores the make believe world of childhood and combining it with adult dreams and passions.

Pop in to the gallery and view the works, join us in the garden for a coffee and admire the sculptures that were entered into this year's Jayes Gallery Sculpture Prize.