Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"Line and Link" - Digital artists challenge the 'way we see'!

Digital art is only just beginning to make its mark in the halls of art here in Australia. Whilst it has been an accepted arts practice in other countries, we are still lagging behind here in our understanding of how important this art form is. Whilst digital art is represented at biennales and art fairs around the globe, Australians still find it hard to comprehend the exact nature of the work attributing it to the computer rather than to the operator artist who has found a new set of tools with which to create.

To take a look at the show, click here!

The two artists in this exhibition, Jolanta Nejman and Phil Salmon have however, been working within computer technology now for over 25 years and so have great skills that can translate now into beautiful and compelling artworks in the new media. They have taken graphic software and pushed it to its limits to produce images of great complexity and sophistication.

Phil shows the ability to push a photographic image to the limit where it crosses the boundary and becomes an artwork whilst Jolanta layers intricate images and develops stylised pictures that stretch our mind.