Wednesday, October 5, 2011

“Reflections on memory” by Kerry Nichols

This exhibition presents strong emotional works that have an inherent dark quality about them whilst at the same time, being quite adventurous with deep colours, free, lush brush strokes. They bring out questions in the viewers’ minds as the artist has poured her deepest memories into the works. A commanding performance from artist, Kerry Nichols on her previous life in Mexico.

The artist has said of her works: “Our joyous times are so often overshadowed by tragedy. Some learn to cope – others don’t, others learn to live with happiness and tragedy side by side.” 

Having lived in Mexico for almost half my life, I am constantly drawn to its colour, its whimsicalness, its gaiety and tragedy.  I believe this is my subconscious inspiration.

As I paint in the tranquillity of Molong, my brush takes me on a journey through my past;  a time of kidnapping and intimidation, a time of colour and laughter, a time of extreme joy and unbearable sadness. 

Half the time I don’t know what I’m going to paint…my brush and paints dictate and I enjoy the journey.”

The THIRD Dimension on show till 20 December!

In Gallery 2 and the Sculpture Gardens, we have the works of well known regional sculptors and 3D craftsmen. Some wonderful pieces available!
"Morning" by Marjo Carter

Two substantial ceramics by Simon Reece