Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"Arabians, Stockhorses and Kids" by Marian Duncan

A wonderful opening night with over 60 guests, a hilarious dinner after with the artist which never seemed to want to end, paintings sold and everyone happy.....that's what we like to see at Jayes!

For pictures of the night, go to THE SHOW

What a week! Two exhibitions opened and up and running!

Well we've just had the busiest week of our year with two exhibitions mounted - Sculptures in the garden now on at Orange Highland Gardens in Orange and Marian Duncan's new show at the gallery in Molong.

We've had time to now draw our breath and start to catch up on our blogs and news .... at last!

So here's a little preview of the sculptures....why not pack a picnic lunch and pop out to the gardens for a treat....a great day out!