Monday, January 28, 2013


The gallery is pleased to announce that Hugh Oldham is taking over again after a break of 4 years as Curator, although he has always been in the background as our intrepid climber of ladders and setting up sculptures.  When not curating Hugh can often be seen on the race track with his precious Rizzo Riley in Historic Racing.
Our  wonderful curator Joy Engelman is leaving us to again concentrate on her arts career and will be having a solo at the gallery opening on 19th July this year.  Joy has been a great addition to the team for the last few years and has helped bring the gallery to its current standard.  We thank her for all her efforts.


Gallery 1 - "Summertime"  featuring works by Ian Grant. Guest of Gallery Director Libby Oldham, Ian Grant is  a Sydney painter and academic.  He was head of Painting Studies at University of NSW College Of Fine Arts until 2006.  
This exhibition also features a compilation of works from the stockroom by artists Eris Fleming, Joy Engelman, Jaq Davies, Glenn Hoyle, Josephine Jagger- Manners and Mathew Begg.
Gallery 2 -  is showing a selection of ceramics from Marjo Carter, Pauline Welfare, Louise Ranshaw and Simon Reece.
Gallery 3 - a  mix of works from our emerging artists.

Monday, January 7, 2013


When Jayes reopens on 30th January we will start with a flourish. Our first exhibition for the year in Gallery 1 "Summertime"  is a compilation of works from the stockroom featuring artists Eris Fleming, Jaq Davies, Glenn Hoyle, Joy Engelman and Josephine Jagger- Manners.

Gallery 2 will have a selection of ceramics and Gallery 3 a  mix of works from our emerging artists.

We are looking forward to the year ahead with a number of new and exciting events happening at the Gallery.

You will see from the gallery programme that it will be a happening year.