Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Feminine Aspect in Art for September (Spring!)

Quite often we come across art that seduces the viewers. This will be the experience when the next exhibition goes on display at Jayes Gallery in Molong in Spring.

We are pleased to be able to bring to you, two beautiful exhibitions by two very feminine and complementary artists. The Yin (feminine force) of life is expressed very clearly in the works of both of these regional and rurally based artists as they express the landscapes they live in. Both respond to the forces of creation and seek to express the numinous in their works. Working in acrylics and oils lusciously applied to canvas, the sensuality of life itself can be found by scrutinizing the generous brush strokes of these two women.

Aida’s work emerges out of the landscape in a subconscious recognition of how the earth gives birth, nurtures, sustains and eventually reclaims the life on it. 

She says of her work “I work in a variety of mediums including oils acrylics and ink and while working with a particular location in mind I am not bound by an exact recreation – I prefer to let intuition and the medium dictate what happens on the surface, exploring images which arrest the eye and are arrived at spontaneously. 

Working from life and landscape as a jumping off point. I like to push the source material to capture an atmosphere or mood - visually echoing memories and emotions. This work is inspired by the elements of weather seen at dawn.”

The ever-changing landscape of Lucy’s immediate environment and the movement of life itself forms inspiration for her artworks. These pieces have are containments of the motion of life’s forces and each can be used as a mantra, a meditation of energy and creation.

"Everywhere I turn there are endless opportunities to create a moment of stillness from the energy and beauty of life."

The exhibition opens Sunday 11 September at 2 pm at Jayes Gallery in Molong, just a short 20 minute drive west of Orange in Central NSW. We invite you to join us on the day and meet with the artists.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Trekking to Molong for Art & Sculpture!

A happy and enthusiastic crowd made the way to Molong on the weekend to attend the opening of "Top End Trekking" and "In the Shadows of Canobolas" - two excellent artists with two different views of the Australian landscape. Denis's works are evocative of Mt Canobolas region with it's lush fields and verdant rolling hills while Joy is inspired by the outback colours of red and blue and wide open deserts.

The afternoon is always a pleasant way to spend a day, the artists share their ideas and talents with friends and art lovers, and Molong is just a short distance from Orange and other regional towns and villages. This is a formula for success!

Jayes Gallery has an annual calendar of monthly solo shows and a major sculpture exhibition each Spring. Keep coming back to this website for details.