Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Collectible and Affordable Art 2009

Well it's the end of the year, almost, and so much to still see and do. Our main gallery has a wonderful collection of gifts for that special person in your life! All hand made craft and art works by Australian artists.

There's jewelery, highly individual pieces featuring glass and stone, gems and silver, pieces that you won't see on anyone else as each is individually designed and handcrafted by some of the best, glass works by inspired glassblowers and slump artists, pottery and divine collages, an art book plus paintings all highly collectible pieces from new and emerging artists.

We think this is one of our most interesting shows of the year as it brings all of the artists from our stable together under one roof especially for you to enjoy and collect.

Our sculpture garden is filled with wonderful sculptures, emus and roosters, archways and fish bowls. There's always something new, fresh and invigorating, that special piece to liven the garden.

And here's the piece de resistence! We lovingly call him Steve the Security Guy as we can't find out his name. It is however, a strong sculptural piece from Tim Kyle which makes a statement that pervades the entire gallery. Steve has raised quite a few reactions from loud laughing, through to timid giggles, amazed responses and some embarrassed stares. We're quite fond of him.

If you get a chance, don't forget to pop into Jayes. During 2009, we have had a turnover of over 400 pieces through the galleries, cafes and gardens. Most of these will never be seen again in Molong so if you missed out during the year, well, sigh, you just missed out!

Artworks don't stay long in the gallery, so make it a new year's pledge to get along to Jayes on a regular basis next year. You will be inspired!

Merry Christmas to all of you!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"Arabians, Stockhorses and Kids" by Marian Duncan

A wonderful opening night with over 60 guests, a hilarious dinner after with the artist which never seemed to want to end, paintings sold and everyone happy.....that's what we like to see at Jayes!

For pictures of the night, go to THE SHOW

What a week! Two exhibitions opened and up and running!

Well we've just had the busiest week of our year with two exhibitions mounted - Sculptures in the garden now on at Orange Highland Gardens in Orange and Marian Duncan's new show at the gallery in Molong.

We've had time to now draw our breath and start to catch up on our blogs and news .... at last!

So here's a little preview of the sculptures....why not pack a picnic lunch and pop out to the gardens for a treat....a great day out!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sculpture in the Gardens

"Dreamweaver" by Vikki Blazeley

Out in country NSW, they are racing to get the best sculptors from the region to show their works in a new annual event, Sculptures in the Garden. This year the inaugural exhibition will run over 6 weeks to coincide with Wine Week and National Field Days in Orange NSW, two other well-known and established events.

Hugh and Libby Oldham of Jayes Gallery, owners of a city styled art gallery located at Molong have joined forces with regional vignerons, Ross and Helen Harrison of Orange Highland Gardens to develop what can only be described as a treat. These people have all opted over recent years to make a tree change and they have brought to Orange and Cabonne Country, their skills from city living.

The works of some of the regions finest sculptors will be set in the beautiful gardens and vineyard established by Ross and Helen over recent years and overlooking the vistas of Mt Canobolas and the valleys beyond. A fabulous setting and a great day out!

“Sculpture in the Gardens” will run from Saturday October 10 to Sunday November 22 and entry will be free. There will be cool climate wines to be tasted at the cellar door but bring your picnic baskets along as you will want to stay longer and enjoy a leisurely stroll around the vines and gardens as well as look at what country sculptors can devise.

Judging by the response, it is anticipated many regional sculptors and potters of note will have their artworks on display and for sale. Arrangements can be made to freight the works to your own gardens should you wish to take the opportunity to buy at country prices what could be excellent investments. Visitors will be invited to participate in People’s Choice Voting to select the best and most impressive work.

Ross and Helen Harrison started work on their 50 acres. The property was formerly an apple and pear orchard in 2004. At the time it had just one tree, very few native birds and no earthworms.

Their first priority was to establish the vineyard and this endeavour took a year from the planning phase to planting of the vines. Next they turned their attention to the gardens and these photos show the stunning results. In 2008, the Harrisons received two awards for their gardens…best new garden and best commercial garden.

And as they say “a picture is worth 1,000 words” so with Spring upon us, visitors to the cellar door at Orange Highland Wines and Gardens at Nashdale can view photos which show the growth and development of the gardens over just 3 to 4 years.

An event that designed to please, and with something for all the family, the Harrisons and Oldhams invite you to come and enjoy yourselves and help to ensure this event becomes an annual affair.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Journey / Through our eyes


It’s all atmosphere at Molong in September!

Grey skies and atmospheric landscapes surrounded by bronze sculptures set the scene this coming September in an exhibition “Journey / Through my hands”. This show consists of paintings and sculptures by artists Aida Pottinger and Brett “Mon” Garling.

Aida’s moody and mysterious explorations of dark and light through landscape forms are part of her very personal journey. They reflect a past ridden with war and migration, as her mother fled from Latvia to England where Aida was born. Her life brought her to Australia and in a life filled with the extremes of dark and light, warmth and coldness, clarity and obfuscation, Aida explores her own personal landscape through these highly internalised works. They are works that invoked the descriptive response from Peter Haynes, Director of ACT Museums and Galleries recently “a highly atmospheric, dream-like presentation with an air of mystery and nostalgia that captures the veils of memory.”

Alongside these works sit the strong bronze sculptures of Brett “Mon” Garling who works from his own foundry at Wongarbon. These are traditional works from a conservative artist who takes pride in achieving excellence both in sculpture and painting as demonstrated in this regional exhibition. His rural scenes show familiar places to a regional onlooker and demonstrate what might be seen by a city dweller visiting the country.

Both artists have strong references in their work to the great British artists of the past as both have been similarly inspired by English past masters, bringing their influences strongly into this show. It is a pleasing and inspiring exhibition and one not to be missed.

The exhibition opens on Saturday September 5 at Jayes Gallery in Molong and closes on October 4.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Opening a grand success!

The opening night for Di Smith and Edwina Riddell's latest artworks was a resounding success with many attending and several works now sold.

Friends and artlovers combined to show their support for these two emerging artists at Jayes.
Di's works glow from the walls with their rich colours and fresh brushstrokes. The works draw you in as you contemplate Di's free approach and heightened sense of colour that brings new light to daily objects.

Edwina's works are gentle and subtle descriptions of the dancer Nijinsky. Her style is as light as a feather in the same vein as the dancer she illustrates so capably. Her pencil lines bring movement to the works. These are beautiful images.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

"Life / Still Life" - Opens 31 July!

Jayes Gallery is pleased to introduce two emerging artists in their first exhibition together. In an exhibition well worth viewing “Life / Still Life” with Orange artist, Di Smith and her friend, illustrator, Edwina Riddell we see two artists who both take a fresh look at life and those everyday items we all take for granted. Both have a strong sense of colour and a love for their particular mediums that shows in these expressive works.

Smith paints with loose, vibrant colours her new works of interiors and rustic farm life. Whilst Di is still developing her own ‘language’, she has executed these works deftly with expressive brushstrokes and strong colours straight from the palette.

Di says of her work “My approach to creating a painting is to capture the way a scene or setting affects me.

I like to represent this with robust and colourful strokes in a form of realism. In this way I show the energy and beauty held within a scene as well as the unique completeness that is often overlooked in that scene. My travels have shown me that people have always sought comfort and order, so my subjects - whether life or still life – are simple things we choose to spend our lives with or to see.”

"Wash stand" by Di Smith

Riddell’s works are painstakingly put together in watercolours and pencils. These works explore the dancer Nijinsky and the energy contained within his dance set against everyday objects.

The artist states “I have been drawing forever and illustrating for many years but felt I needed more room for self-expression.

I enjoy the spontaneity of watercolour, the richness of oil paints and the subtle depths of blended colour that can be achieved with coloured pencils which is what I have used here.

In these works I'm exploring the concepts of life and still life. The dancer Nijinsky fascinates me.  No film of his dancing exist, only still images attempt to capture his vitality, a legendary life frozen in time   He is juxtaposed against the vibrant presence of still life subjects.”

We invite you to join us at the opening at 6.30 pm on Friday July 31 and meet the artists in person for what will be a delightful show. The exhibition closes on August 30.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Gallery takes out an award!

Jayes Gallery won a prestigious award at the Cabonne Country Daroo Business Awards last Friday night! Libby Oldham, Gallery Director, was speechless at winning the award after entering for the last 10 years! So it was appropriate that she walked to podium and then jsut couldn't find the words that she needed to describe her delight.

Husband, Hugh Oldham has been etching the glass plate awards for the last 10 years and has plenty of rejects on the studio floor, but now both of them are pleased to be able to display one in their own premises.

Well done! Jayes Gallery is a definite bright spot in rural NSW and something we, the staff, are very proud of!

Hope to see you in the gallery soon and why not pop in for coffee and a light lunch in the cafe/restaurant with Grant Chef!

Posted by Joy (curator)

Substratum opens to a throng of art lovers!

Well! After a hectic week, Substratum and Inferno opened to around 50 to 60 art lovers on Saturday night! Alan Sisley, Director of the Orange Regional Gallery gave a warm speech praising Michal Carroll's works inspired by recent journeys to the volcanic regions of Chile.

Everyone was warm in the gallery even though it was a chilly evening in Molong. But it was an enthusiastic and eager crowd that took in the evening's celebrations. Inferno glassware by internationally renowned artist, Keith Rowe glowed throughout the night providing a very suitable foil for Michael's grey works of the Maoi and earthy rocky landscapes.

Inferno glassworks glowing in the afternoon sun! It would be wonderful to have these on a glass shelf in a winter's window. They would brighten and warm any room.....fabulous!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


"devolution" - Michael's expressive works on subterranean forces

A recent journey by well-known and respected Molong artist, Michael Carroll, to the Andes and South America has resulted in a collection of powerful and intriguing works. These depict his journey where he reconnected with the primal forces of nature. These works can be described as atmospheric and volcanic. The intense moods of the region’s volcanic substratum are reflected in emotive abstract works. 

It is through these works that the artist explores the primeval connection of humanity and the soul in a raw and active landscape – the Andes continue to thrust upwards and soon (in earth’s time) will be higher than the Himalayas. 

Michael has held many one man shows over his extensive career and has a wide range of capabilities. He has recently been drawn to giclee reproductions of his larger works now making these more affordable.

"Inferno" - a series of spectacular glassworks referencing volcanic lava

Making an impact along with Michael’s works are the strong glassworks of Keith Rowe, a well-known glassblower with an international reputation. 

Keith Rowe is first a glassblower who also enjoys working with kiln casting and sand. His long and extensive career spanning over 25 years ensures the works are always beautifully finished and highly collectible. He has a very individual style that is reflected in the number of awards this artist has won over the years. 

Jayes Gallery is thrilled to be able to bring Keith’s glass to Molong. The selection of hand blown glass in brilliant reds and oranges glow like the volcanic forces alluded to in Michael’s work. As such, they provide an excellent foil to the strong greys of the paintings.

We invite you to join us for this wonderful show 
opening on Saturday 20 June at 6.30 pm. 
All welcome. 

Jayes is a city-styled gallery in regional NSW representing regional artists of note.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Successful Opening for Katie and James

James Seymour had a very successful first show at Jayes with over 50% of his work already sold; one before the opening. We are thrilled with James work. He is an exciting young artist that shows a lot of potential and one worth watching as his career develops.

James work looked great in gallery 2 and we were pleased with the number of people who came to support him on the night. His works are strong and commanding. They hold your attention and encourage you to look deeper for the meaning of each individual piece.

Katie had a wonderful response to her bright and cheerful works in gallery 1. Many works sold on the opening night but there are still excellent works to be had if you are quick. Her works are free and colourful, with iconography drawn from her everyday experiences living in the region.

The two shows end on 14 June so be sure to come and visit us soon!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

"City / Country"

“Life’s Pecking Order” by Katie Barton & 
"Big Smoke" by James Seymour 
Exhibition Opening: Friday 15 May 6.30  pm 
Exhibition Dates: 15 May - 17 June 

Both surprising and challenging, the works  of two contemporary artists at Jayes Gallery provide an insight to the modern mind. 

The works are as different to each other as work can be; the bright and cheerful pastiches of Katie Barton bouncing off the dark and sombre works of new artist, James Seymour."Big Smoke" by James Seymour.

"Issa Chooks" by Katie Barton

The small collection of works contained within James "Big Smoke" Series are strong and commanding of our full attention. This young man has a big future ahead of him in the arts as these thought provoking images contain all the elements that are required for success. They bring you to a halt, demand that you reflect on them and draw you into their smoky images of contained raw energy. James says of his series "In essence, this body of work is a document of the shift between town and city life. I have lived in the country town of Bathurst my whole life up until moving to the city this year, I found the change both challenging and invigorating. My works can be seen as snapshots of the city and the encounters I have had within it.  Alternatively, they can be viewed as metaphorical landscapes which describe the space between the city and my hometown."

"Big Smoke" Series by James Seymour

The second collection of works "Life's Pecking Order", and exhibited in the Main Gallery are from well known Central West artist, Katie Barton. Her works have been shown in solo shows successfully throughout the region especially in Mudgee and Wellington. Katie has been awarded for her highly original works and statements on country life. 

Katie says of her upcoming exhibition "This is not an exhibition just about chooks but chooks symbolize beautifully the natural order of how humans and animals interact with each other. We all have our place in society and more particularly, with our friends, families and communities – sometimes we accept our position and sometimes we reject and fight it or it just changes as life does. Our Isa Brown chooks fascinate me – the way they assert themselves with the dogs and each other. They have survived a few massacres where other breeds haven’t and newcomers always have to earn their place in the pen before they’re accepted. All the working dogs have their ranking by age, strength and personality. Our Maltese Terrier is the smallest of the clan but the bossiest and seems to ignore all the rules. This exhibition is a small representation of the “pecking order” in my immediate environment at home and general observations of this theme, conveyed in mixed media works on paper and acrylic paintings on canvas."

Jayes Gallery is a major destination and gallery that features regular solo exhibitions by regional artists of note. You can peruse the current exhibition in our main gallery, or take a stroll in the sculpture garden. Join us for a wood fired pizza or dine in fine manner in the restaurant. There is also a smalls gallery for new and upcoming artists and a gift shop. 

Take an afternoon and relax, enjoy, indulge at Jayes Gallery & Cafe, Gidley Street in Molong (follow the Brown Signs)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

"The Way We See It!" - Eris Fleming & Greg Hyde

Well a right pair of larrikins have been very successful in their latest show of humorous works at the Jayes Gallery. A lovely crowd turned up on the night with over 50 attending the opening of this uplifting exhibition.

In these economic times, it's getting harder to sell art or so they say! Not so this week with many red dots appearing on the bright and cheerful works. Seems most people still want to laugh and these wonderful cryptic views on life in the outback are just the thing to bring a smile.

The show will close on Sunday 12 May so get on your togs and get on out here!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Exhibition a hit!

"Identity" got underway last weekend with a strong crowd of supporters and friends at Jayes Gallery. There was a lot of excitement as people crowded into the room to discuss, view and read the stories behind Nyree's latest show.

Nyree's strength lies in her ability to tell a story and many people were saddened by what they read, many viewers expressed their concern for the past and the lessons we all need to learn and remember.

This is indeed, an exhibition well worth coming to see......it ends soon so don't take too long to come out to Molong and visit the gallery!

Nyree's Peter with the children! They were very well behaved on the day and obviously much loved......

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"Identity" by Nyree (Ngari) Reynolds

Jayes Gallery is proud to be presenting the recent artworks of highly regarded artist, Nyree (Ngari) Reynolds in her latest exhibition "Identity". 

In what is proving to already be a controversial show, Nyree explores the stories of the "Stolen Generations", a story which is close to her heart.

In these ephemeral and quite beautiful works, the figures float surreal across the vivid Australian outback. The works evoke a sense of loss and heartbreak. Nyree has shown through her work, that she is a strong storyteller and is able to more than capably get her message across to the viewer.

She has come to the attention of David Hill (writer) as well through her explorations of the Fairbridge Farm story, a story she says has many parallels to the Stolen Generations. David will make a special journey to see her exhibition which delights Nyree and confirms her explorations.

The exhibition opens with a preview on Friday night, March 6 from 6.00 pm for our regular collectors. This will give them an opportunity to purchase before the official opening.

The official opening is on Sunday March 8 at 2.30 pm. There are a few surprises in store for those who attend with special guests on the day.

We look forward to seeing you at the gallery.

Libby Oldham - Director

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Denis is a real winner!

A wonderful opening for the Denis Bradley exhibition with over 40 people attending. A surprise on the day for exhibition goers was a concert from the the Orange Male Voice Choir!

Music filled the gallery on this hot and sunny afternoon as laughter and fun greeted Denis and his paintings! What a grand way to enjoy a Sunday afternoon......the paintings were scrutinised, several sold and everyone left late feeling quite content....

The show continues for a couple of weeks so there is still time to catch a glimpse of Denis's world if you hurry!

The next exhibition begins on March 8th so we hope to see you there! Remember, Jayes Gallery is a just a short drive west of Orange and is a great way to speand an idle afternoon! Lovely drive through the Australian countryside.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Contemporary Realist Landscapes by Denis Bradley

Our first solo show for the 2009 season will be from artist, Denis Bradley. Although this is Denis's first solo show, he is no newcomer to the arts with a long career spanning many years.


He has been included in many group exhibitions and is well established with a clear style of his own. His love of the land shines through these works to communicate his connection with 'place' to the viewer. Strong works, colourful and bold!

Denis is a local having grown up at "Jindalee" at Borenore so the influence of Mt Canobolas and the extraordinary landscape of this region was already well integrated within his artistic sensibility at a young age. Recent years have been spent around South Coast which has led him to a wider influence.

We invite you to the opening on Sunday 8 February at 2.30 in the Main Gallery or if you wish, you can share a lunchoen with Denis in the Cafe from 12.30 (bookings are essential for lunch though).

Update for 2009!

"Desert Wanderer" Acrylic on Board 90 cm x 90 cm by Vicki Powys, an eminently collectible artist!

What a great startup to the new year! "Director's Choice" has been well received and an exciting exhibition from our regular exhibiting artists. We have had an influx of people from far and wide over the holidays, all interested in what we have achieved so far. Many have promised to return for our exhibitions.

This year, we have a full calendar of events already programmed and we are thrilled with the new names in our stable, many of them well respected and established artists of note.

It promises to be a challenging year on many levels, however, we feel sure that the quality and high standard of our stable of artists will encourage you to attend our openings on a regular basis.

We thank all of our patrons, buyers and collectors throughout 2008 that helped us keep our doors open and we look to building an even better presence in the art world throughout the coming months.

It is our intention to continue to promote regional artists and look forward to meeting you all again this year!

All are welcome, children included at the gallery and cafe. Remember we are open Wednesdays - Sundays from 10 - 4.