Thursday, March 10, 2016


Opening Saturday 19th March at 2pm.

New works from Maggie Rosso.

Artist Statement
"My previous exhibitions have concentrated mostly on painting but over the last few months I have been experimenting with printmaking and the art of collagraphs. Designing and creating the plates is a challenge, and not knowing how the various materials used to create texture will print is exciting. I began researching women from the ancient, mythological, and modern worlds from Egyptian history to 20th century entertainers Queens, Empresses, Goddesses, and wonderful tribal women from various cultures.

This exhibition titled ‘ WINE, WOMEN, and SONG’ set my imagination on a pleasurable journey. My fascination of women from all genres, my love of birds, and the enjoyment of drinking wine created with such passion by many of our local wine makers all combined to culminate into what I hope is an interesting body of work to be enjoyed by the viewer as much as I have enjoyed creating it. Printmaking is often very experimental, and the unpredictable results can sometimes bring an exciting element of surprise, not always favorable, so it means alterations and reprinting to reach the desired result. "