Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Michael Carroll's "Rurally Yours!" - bush snippets

Jayes is pleased to bring you Michael Carroll's collection of small inspired works on a bush theme.... there's line drawings of farm animals, little paintings, small works and much much more .... all executed with the unerring eye that we have come to associate with Michael.

The show opens on Saturday 2 July from 2 - 4 pm with Michael in attendance to answer your questions and generally talk about art. This is a celebration of life in the country with affordable works, all of which are individual pieces.

Jayes Director, Libby Oldham has been on the lookout for fresh new textures and inspiring works, so for an excellent afternoon of leisure and pleasure combined, why not join us at the gallery! 

Look for some of these delightful things while you're here ......


It may be snowing or raining outside, but it's always warmer in Molong, so come and refresh your soul today!