Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Journey / Through our eyes


It’s all atmosphere at Molong in September!

Grey skies and atmospheric landscapes surrounded by bronze sculptures set the scene this coming September in an exhibition “Journey / Through my hands”. This show consists of paintings and sculptures by artists Aida Pottinger and Brett “Mon” Garling.

Aida’s moody and mysterious explorations of dark and light through landscape forms are part of her very personal journey. They reflect a past ridden with war and migration, as her mother fled from Latvia to England where Aida was born. Her life brought her to Australia and in a life filled with the extremes of dark and light, warmth and coldness, clarity and obfuscation, Aida explores her own personal landscape through these highly internalised works. They are works that invoked the descriptive response from Peter Haynes, Director of ACT Museums and Galleries recently “a highly atmospheric, dream-like presentation with an air of mystery and nostalgia that captures the veils of memory.”

Alongside these works sit the strong bronze sculptures of Brett “Mon” Garling who works from his own foundry at Wongarbon. These are traditional works from a conservative artist who takes pride in achieving excellence both in sculpture and painting as demonstrated in this regional exhibition. His rural scenes show familiar places to a regional onlooker and demonstrate what might be seen by a city dweller visiting the country.

Both artists have strong references in their work to the great British artists of the past as both have been similarly inspired by English past masters, bringing their influences strongly into this show. It is a pleasing and inspiring exhibition and one not to be missed.

The exhibition opens on Saturday September 5 at Jayes Gallery in Molong and closes on October 4.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Opening a grand success!

The opening night for Di Smith and Edwina Riddell's latest artworks was a resounding success with many attending and several works now sold.

Friends and artlovers combined to show their support for these two emerging artists at Jayes.
Di's works glow from the walls with their rich colours and fresh brushstrokes. The works draw you in as you contemplate Di's free approach and heightened sense of colour that brings new light to daily objects.

Edwina's works are gentle and subtle descriptions of the dancer Nijinsky. Her style is as light as a feather in the same vein as the dancer she illustrates so capably. Her pencil lines bring movement to the works. These are beautiful images.