Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Update for 2009!

"Desert Wanderer" Acrylic on Board 90 cm x 90 cm by Vicki Powys, an eminently collectible artist!

What a great startup to the new year! "Director's Choice" has been well received and an exciting exhibition from our regular exhibiting artists. We have had an influx of people from far and wide over the holidays, all interested in what we have achieved so far. Many have promised to return for our exhibitions.

This year, we have a full calendar of events already programmed and we are thrilled with the new names in our stable, many of them well respected and established artists of note.

It promises to be a challenging year on many levels, however, we feel sure that the quality and high standard of our stable of artists will encourage you to attend our openings on a regular basis.

We thank all of our patrons, buyers and collectors throughout 2008 that helped us keep our doors open and we look to building an even better presence in the art world throughout the coming months.

It is our intention to continue to promote regional artists and look forward to meeting you all again this year!

All are welcome, children included at the gallery and cafe. Remember we are open Wednesdays - Sundays from 10 - 4.


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