Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Either 'at home' or 'on the way', Jayes brings you 3 inspiring artists to ponder in April!

Jayes Gallery & Sculpture Gardens is delighted to be able to bring you three artists with works that will inspire you this Autumn.

Title: “On the Road of Home”

Exhibition Dates: 10 April – 1 May 2011

Opening: Sunday 10 April at 2 pm

Nicole Parkins
Autumn is on it’s way and while the countryside gets painted in asounding colours right before our eyes, Jayes Gallery is pleased to be showing the works of Nicole Parkins, a newcomer t this region. For Nicole’s first solo show with us, she has painted a selection of small and delightful works inspired by her journeys in Tuscany. Nicole tells us that this regional reminds her of Tuscany with its rolling hills, vineyards, orchards and woodlands dotting the landscape.

Her works are colourful and joyful and we invite you to join us on Sunday 10 April at 2 pm for the opening of Nicole’s show.

Nicole says of her work “First stop on my first venture out of Australia was in the beautiful medieval village of Montecastello, Umbria, Italy. Many of the works on paper in this exhibition were completed while doing a residency in this little town on top of a hill surrounded by classic Italian countryside.  The town itself was gorgeous; rustic charm hugged every doorway, corner, or stone paved lane way.  From the 360 view around the town, white roads and rivers meandered through the countryside, which I frequently ventured out into on walks, gathering images in my mind to take home.  Later, on my return to my studio in Australia, I completed further studies and painted the canvas series.  My works are reflections on the many moods of myself, the changing landscape and the stories that it can create and tell.”

Marjo Carter

We are delighted to bring you a small selection of smoke fired pottery from well known potter, Marjo Carter. Marjo’s works are highly sought after and once again, she has excelled in the works in this collection.

Josephine Jagger-Manners
In Gallery 2, Josephine's new exhibition "At Home" is aptly titled for whether inside or outside the home, Josephine's colourful and feminine works demonstrate the beauty of the 'everyday'. "At home" provides her with a continuing theme for her bright and decorative paintings, images that will continue to delight you for years to come with their cheerful outlook and clean, clears colours.

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