Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Autumn Tones give Spring Exhibition a winning edge!

Inspired by the autumn colours earlier this year, Joy Engelman has painted her way through colours of wine and cream creating landscapes that draw you in with their beauty. The Australian bush reverberates through an iconography that is purely defined in these works.

Semi-abstracted landscapes that exist only on these canvases, the works are 'pretty'. She explains that her journey to Florence, Italy last year exposed her to amazing 'beauty' at the Uffizi and the Pitti Palace, notwithstanding the artworks that adorn every wall and ceiling throughout Florence. Unashamedly glorious artworks that inspire the soul and brought Engelman back to that place within herself.

Joy says for the main, we have lost our European 'soul' and are ashamed to see 'beauty' and paint 'beauty', preferring instead to choose to 'see' Australia as a raw and unforgiving landscape. But this year, Engelman notices skies, grasses, mountains and fields that are 'glorious' and has chosen to paint them for us. We invite you to visit this exhibition!

Internationally acclaimed artist, Joy Engelman will exhibit her artworks at Jayes Gallery, Molong for a Spring showing opening 21 September at 2.30 pm through to 5.00 pm. Exhibition closes October 15.

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