Monday, April 23, 2012


Trevor Hood asks us, “Mostly the world goes unnoticed.
Do we notice below the surface? Do we look longer than the fleeting moment?

Either we don’t know what to look at or we fail to understand its importance and miss the opportunity to look at all. Much that we see is on our periphery and fails to register in any meaningful way. Sometimes we see phantoms, but what we see is only ever a slice of what can be considered real. No two people understand the world in the same way and no two people look, think or imagine alike.

These artworks are snapshots that can be seen to give some shape and drama to unnoticed shadows and unearth the barely perceived.”

This is Trevor’s first solo show at Jayes Gallery & Sculpture Gardens and we’re very excited to unearth what Trevor has been working on. His large and impressive works take us into unknown territory, the unseen forces of nature around us. His long career as a teacher in the arts gives him a dexterity with paint and canvas that is rarely seen. The works are finely tuned to build forms that incite the imagination with layers of transparent washes over solid shapes. This will be an outstanding exhibition of the highest standard.

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