Thursday, November 1, 2012

Exciting! Vibrant! Big! The WOW Factor ......

Hi everyone,

Well the words above, exciting, vibrant, big, the WOW factor, all describe what has to be the most adventurous and fabulous exhibition of the year!

To top off a terrific 2012 at the gallery, Laura Holland's solo show of large energetic works has to be the best yet! We are thrilled to have Laura in Gallery One as it's always great to finish the year on a bright note!

Of course, Marian's fine Arabian horses are hard to beat. They have been adorning the walls for over 4 weeks now and we will be sad to see them come down but they have brought in a large crowd of admirers, not the least was one of the jockeys who's horse is featured in one of the works...... we didn't catch his name but he did state the painting was 'worth more than the horse!' This was a great comment as the horse won it's race so obviously both horse and artwork are winners!

But back to Laura for the grand finale...... it's been a difficult year in many ways but still we have seen some of the finest work ever displayed in the gallery and have thoroughly enjoyed all the hard work throughout the year to keep bringing you the region's finest artists. They haven't disappointed us. The exhibiting artists during 2012 are dedicated to their arts practices and just keep on painting and sculpting even in the difficult times so they're the ones to watch!

For more on Laura's show, click here.....

The work shown below is a mixed media work 1.2 m x 1,2 m on canvas! Just one of many exciting works to come!

You're always welcome at Jayes Gallery and if one of our stable isn't on display and you're interested, then please ask to see what we have in our stockroom!

See you soon.

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