Wednesday, May 27, 2015


A wonderful exhibition of new works from Jane Tonks opens on Sunday 5th July at 12 noon.
The exhibition will be opened by Brad Hammond.

Following the opening stay on for lunch with Jane at 1pm. Bookings essential for luncheon for catering purposes.

In Jane's words

‘Elevation’ is a word of many meanings. It not only refers to the physical height of the mountain, or the emotional high of an elevated mood when you experience being at one with nature, it also brings forward the concept that nature elevates us to a higher spiritual plane….one where we are no longer masters of our environment, but rather an integral and harmonious part of nature where all things connect in a universal language.

This landscape of rugged terrain, twisted snowgums, alpine wildflower heath and crisp mountain air connects me to my ‘sense of place’ as a non-indigenous woman of the Wiradjuri landscape.  Although my skin is white, my spirit is black and green, as I too belong to ‘country’.

We look forward to welcoming you to the gallery on the 5th.

Billy Tea and Milky Way

It's written in the trees

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