Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Watson Show a triumph!

The recent exhibition at Jayes of Sally Watson's clear and pure colours, sculpted fields and formed roads, gentle works that are calm in essence. Watson told us in her floor talk how the burning of the summer fields around her bush home brought fear and tears when she returned from work last summer. Her house, although safe, was surrounded by black ash and burnt paddocks.

Her photos showed the underlying sculptural form of the burnt world, a world that she wasn't able to return to for a while and the grief that she felt when surveying the damage. But her works, which were created from this chaos, have nothing of the darkness that she herself felt or described. Watson worked through the emotional content of that summer fire through these refined drawings and paintings.

It was an excellent introduction that Sally gave us to her work that evening as she spoke quietly of the moments of her returning 'home' and 'homeless'. She gave us generously an insight to her work and the thoughts behind the marks she has now made, a memory inscribed in time.

The exhibition runs to 12 September and is a beautiful show. Hurry, you still have some time left before we bring you the next exhibition, which is quite different from this one.

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