Wednesday, January 19, 2011


During the next 2 weeks, Jayes continues to bring you the desirable and affordable art pieces that we have become famous for! Gallery 1 and Gallery 2 has on exhibit artworks from internationally known artists Joy Engelman,Tim Winters and Judy Whitlock. These are all stunning paintings and etchings with each of them being a statement on the Australian landscape.

Alongside these works are the paintings from well known and nationally renowned artists Melissa Barber, Lyn Winters and Lara Scolari. These very feminine artists all exhibit in Canberra and Sydney on a regular basis and have an increasing presence on the Australian art scene. They are all excellent investments and highly desirable.

Image: "Les Derniers Coquelicots" by Melissa Barber

Sarah Whitlock, a silversmith of note with her own hallmark, has the most exquisite jewellery on display. These are delightful individual pieces for you to spoil yourself with! Fabulous glassworks from Keith Rowe round off this delightful exhibition.

Image: Glassware by Keith Rowe

We invite you to join us. We can be easily found by following the brown signs located on the Mitchell Highway at Molong in Central NSW.

Image: "Latent Series" by Lara Scolari 2m x 1m Oil on Board

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